For Patients

A careful and comprehensive retinal exam can be time consuming. Please prepare to be in our office for up to 3 hours on your first visit. This amount of time is necessary in order to perform all of the examinations and diagnostic testing that are needed to diagnose and treat your retinal condition.

Upon check in by our front office staff, an experienced ophthalmic technician will speak with you and take your medical and ocular history. They will then test your vision and dilate your pupils. Once you are dilated your physician will speak with you and examine you. Various diagnostic tests and ocular imaging will be recommended by your physician depending on your ocular findings. Ocular imaging is performed in our offices by certified ophthalmic photographers. Once your physician reviews your diagnostic tests a treatment plan will be developed for you that day. If treatment is recommend, most treatments are done in the office that same day.

Please make sure the office has phone numbers where you can be reached during the day for us to reach you or confirm your appointment.

The after-effects of your examination, particularly pupil dilation, may make driving and reading difficult for several hours and cause your eyes to be unusually sensitive to light. Therefore, it is very important that you arrange to be accompanied to and from our office. We also advise you to bring your regular prescription glasses for vision testing, as well as a pair of dark sunglasses to wear after your appointment.

The doctors in our practice see sight threatening retinal emergencies. When emergencies are referred to us, our staff makes every effort to work these patients into the schedule. We realize this may inconvenience our regularly scheduled patients, but we also make every effort to see them as expeditiously as possible. Please understand if your appointment is delayed or rescheduled.

Consultants, P.C. participates in most HMOs, PPOs, and group insurance plans. We also accept Medicare assignment, and we will be happy to file your claim. If you participate in a plan that we do not belong to, please let our office staff know.

Please bring your insurance information, referral forms, and identification cards to our office on your first visit. If your insurance requires a referral from your primary care physician, it must be in place in order for you to be seen.

At Retina Consultants, we are committed to providing cost-effective care. Payment is appreciated at the time of each visit unless prior arrangements are made. To expedite payment for any special tests or surgery that may be required, we will coordinate the processing of insurance claims to your primary insurance company.

These forms are provided for your convenience, you may print and bring them to the office before your first visit. (Please click on the link below)


New Patients: Please click on the link below to fill out our new patient registration before your appointment.